Seniors Membership

1. Minimum age for Ladies is 50 years and Gentlemen 55 years.

2. All new applicants for membership must complete a Membership Application Form that can be found on the Sweetwoods Golf Club Website Seniors Section, or at the Seniors Thursday Welcome Desk. The completed form should be handed to the Seniors Handicap Secretary.

3. A £5 annual joining fee will be payable, which covers ALL entries for ALL knock-out tournaments for the Seniors, and helps to cover overheads relating to hole-in-one celebrations (£75 a time), new trophies, engraving, subsidising our (winning) Seniors representatives at Singing Hills every year, flower donations, annual staff tips and gratuities, and also subsidising the Seniors Annual Dinner.

4. Applicants with a current handicap from another club should report their CDH number and current WHS handicap Index to the Seniors Handicap Secretary.

5. New applicants are expected to take part in the Seniors section and must have an Active WHS handicap in order to enter Seniors knockout competitions.

6. Applicants who do not have a WHS handicap must obtain a handicap following the WHS guidance.

7. Anyone without an official WHS handicap is welcome to join in on Seniors Thursday roll-up days for the purpose of submitting a card towards obtaining a handicap, but will not be able to win a prize – in this case, £3 entry will not be required. They should play off their perceived temporary handicap or, if in doubt, 28 for Men and 36 for Ladies.

8. Inactive handicap holders are welcome to play in Individual Qualifier or Fun Days, but with the intention of submitting the three required Qualifier cards to reactive their handicap.